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1 TH TURKEY FC il Mar Ott 12, 2010 9:12 am


Notes: ''B'' is me (Bilal), ''C'' is Cinzia

B:Who is Cinzua?
C:in wich sense who am I?
B:Who are you? i know this is very bad ask..
C:I'm tHe admin of italia fan club.
B:What time do you follow to TH?
C:I follow Th from 2 Years and half.
B:as me
and italian FC is very big FC in europe?
C: In Italy We have much fans, but We Think tHat in Europe is not tHe biggest
B:but your web site is international and there are many countries and activities?
C:Yes. In last Weeks, We invite otHer FC in all tHe world to Joint witH us, becaUse, in tHat way, all tHe fandom may be
united in many activities
We can see, tHe last, stop harassment
and download day
We are really united
B:wooww this perfect and invidious
How many managers have on italian FC? (this ask is true)
C:in TokIo Hotel Italia FC, We are 3 persons.
Me, diana and Isabel
each one talks in two languages
me, italian, english and french,
diana, spanish and german
and Isabel italian, spanish
in tHis way, We can have much friendships
in all tHe world!
diana talks in italian too!
B:did you meet with TH?
C:I meet Th in rome, out of The hotel
where tHey slept
B:so did you scare them?
C:and in otHer situatIons, but I don't need to say when
I scare????????

B:tradition in our country is a joke to those who sleep

i watched and read to world magazine..
but world magazines are english. why?
C:is in italian and in english
becAuse We need to give a place to all fan clubs
who needs
to write about tHem
in tHeir own language
and translate in english too
to be understood in all tHe world

in next issue
We have litHuanian and chinese interviews

in liThuanian /english and chinese /english
B:is TH know/read the World Magazine?
C:I can't know it
but We inform universal
and german FC about our initiatives
tHen We hope so
B:i think, Th read and know to World Magazine
C:I hope it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which country do you most crazy for TH?
C:in europe? or in all tHe world?
B:all the world
C:Is not simple to say it....
every country loves tH in different way

every country supports in personal way
and some fans never seen Th in concert
like turkey, or LitHuania
or romania
or china
B:like us
C:but They love Th like Italian I tHink
B:every fans love them
C:you need to know whaT I tHink about tH?
I Think tHey are just 4 guys
but talented
love Their work
and They have a spectacular passIon for all
The Things tHey do
Bill is tHe frontman of The band
B:and they are very different then some bands
C:must different
I tHink tHat if They was not REAL like persons
They can't be so famous
becaUse Their music is not
like much oTher german music
I listen much bands
german bands too
but Their music is much... InternatIonal
The sound is InternatIonal
don't you tHink?
B:you told my senses about Th..
B:words stuck in my throat..
How do you find Turkish fans?
I know a boy... really cute!

I'm joking
I tHink turkish are like all tHe otHer fans in tHe world
We are all human people
B:If the Turks and Italians together, what happens about TH, italy and Turkey?
C:I can't know That!
I just hope tHat will be
a beAutiful meeting!
C:like I love people of tHe world
B:and Turkish fans is very
Turkish girls crazy for TH..
''tom i wanna touch you, bill be with me
is tHe same in all tHe wordl
B:i want the death with you'' bla bla me in tHe monsoon
I' ve heard it
B:this is very cute
C:tHe right was me trough tHe monsoon

and Bill >

and Tom >
B:and last
What do you want to say the Turkish fans?
C:I just wanna say That is really beaUtiful tHat We are united in tHe same passIon for tHese guys
and I hope tHat sometimes
you can be in our site and forums
and We can do to you our Welcome

I hope too, tHat Th will be
in TUrkey sooner
B:i know that they are come to italian FC web site
i hope too
C:Their live concerts are so awsome
B:thank you very much for this interview
i hope turkish fans love you and come to your web site
C:Thank you too..

i am Bilal from Turkey. i live in Tekirdag (near istanbul).
i am 21. i don't know Italiano. i love Th very much.

our website was crashed by a bad member yesterday evening. and we are trying to rally.
i talked with other Turkish fans about you and they are very happy. but they can't enter here. Both they don't speak english or italiano very well and there are big exams for high school in front of them.

i am gonna enter always

note: i am not muslim and name of Bilal is only my identiycard name. i am catholic and my catholic name is Ricardo..

Remember the time...
- o6.o7.2oo8 One heartbeat lost in Capannelle XD;
- 26.1o.2oo9 HELLO we still standin' in P.zza del Popolo :3;
- 11.o4.2o1o I get down down down to get up on Palalottomatica *-*.
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